Personalised Pet Bowls

    You love your pet and want to make them feel special.  That's why we created these lovely personalised pet bowls! 

    Personalised pet bowls pink flowers

    Personalised pet bowls are a great way of showing off how much you care about your furry friends, as well as adding some colour and interest to their surroundings! They're made from glossy white ceramic so they'll last for years. And the best part is that you can personalise them with the pets name.  But first, let's get into why personalised pet bowls are so great!

    You can choose from different colours and designs to create a one-of-a-kind bowl just for them. It’ll be like they never have to eat out of an ordinary pet dish again! They'll feel special every time.

    Personalised pet bowls wildflowers

    Personalised pet bowls make the perfect accessory

    The perfect accessory to any pet's mealtime. These bowls are ceramic and heavy enough to stay put on the floor, which is great for playful pets who tend to knock their dishes over with ease. They're available in 2 sizes (small-medium or medium-large). It's important to make your pets feel at home, and this bowl gives them a personalised space. Great for both wet and dry food! We want our furry friends to enjoy their food from sturdy bowls with a heavy base to reduce spilling.