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    Introducing Our New Personalised Dog Bowls with Minimalist Flower Design In Serene Colours

    We're thrilled to unveil something truly special for your furry family members – our brand-new line of personalised dog bowls! Designed with a keen eye on simplicity and elegance, these bowls aren't just any dog feeding accessories; they're a statement of care, quality, and style. Today, we dive deep into what makes our minimalist flower-designed dog bowls a must-have for discerning pet owners.

    The Inspiration Behind Our New Design

    At the heart of our latest collection lies a philosophy that less is indeed more. Drawing inspiration from minimalist flower designs, we aimed to create a range that reflects not just a style, but a statement. These designs aren't about feeding your dog; they're about adding a touch of elegance and serenity to your home decor, ensuring that your pet's feeding station blends seamlessly with your style.

    Unveiling the Design

    Our new personalized dog bowls come in four serene colours: Pale Duck Egg, Apricot Cream, Smoky Lilac, and Wheat. Each colour has been chosen for its ability to evoke a sense of calm, sophistication, and natural elegance, making every mealtime a serene experience. Made from high-quality ceramic, these bowls are not only durable and heavy enough to prevent spills but also feature a glossy finish for easy cleaning. The minimalist flower designs, central to our bowls, bring a touch of clarity, focus, and timeless elegance to the bowl.

    Meet Ethel and Her New Bowl

    📸🐾 Customer Spotlight: Meet Ethel and Her New Bowl! 🐾📸

    A lovely start to the day, receiving this adorable picture and lovely message from one of our amazing customers. He shared this cute picture of Ethel, enjoying her new dog bowl! 🐕✨

    This message made our day:"Thank you for my lovely bowl!"

    Check out how happy Ethel looks with her stylish and practical new accessory! 🥰

    We love seeing our products making tails wag! If you’re looking to upgrade your dogs bowls, why not explore our range of high-quality, beautifully designed dog bowls?

    About Us

    We’re a small business working from our studio in Milton Keynes, UK, specialising in personalised and unique items made with only the best quality materials along with using the highest quality printing techniques available. Our printing on the products is high definition and with vibrant colours so they last and can be enjoyed for years.
    Our team care about their work to make sure that customers get fantastic looking products and an excellent customer experience.

    and how we got started . . .

    I'm Wendy, the owner. I first started working in retail in 1978 and still believe in good old fashioned customer service.

    A few years back, I noticed that many personalised products were poor quality with printing that was a bit blurry and slightly dulled colours. They also shipped from abroad which meant waiting for quite a long time and customer service was almost non-existent. I believed I could offer more creative design ideas, with much better quality products and printing, and great customer service that I'd always felt was important.

    I also wanted to offer employment to people here in the UK that gave them the opportunity to build their confidence, where mental and emotional well-being is a priority, they feel valued and developed as unique individuals.

    So here we are today with a small team doing all of this, lots of happy customers and ready to build on it even more.

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